Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Continuously watch the dividing line of self in the felt sense, the mind sense and the heart sense. When you watch these dividing lines you see they move, flux, and flow.

In observing the movement of your individuality, you see clearly that there is no permanent division between self and everything, and eventually the lines dissolve. The observer and the observe merge. There is, then, the awakening to unity, to oneness, to freedom.

This seems like the end point - what else could be left? There is a sense of completion and finality that feels very satisfying. This is not the end, though, in a universe that is forever unfolding.

Meditate, now, on the illusion of oneness, and this too disappears.

The universe is neither separate or whole. There is an apexing between the separate and whole that is an entirely new universe, liberated and unfolding in magnificent perfection.

Kristoffer Nelson | Krama Consulting & Development, Inc. | kramaconsulting.com

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