Saturday, February 16, 2008

Futility and Levity

I sometimes come up with interesting spiritual stuff to talk about - really interesting enlightened spiritual stuff. The sort of stuff one could begin a whole spiritual movement with. For example, I was just sitting in the bathtub reading and I had a brilliant flash of insight. A sort of ironic parable about freedom and truth, which would be a golden finger pointing at an auspicious moon. But by the time I walk over to the computer, sit down, and log in my mind has become much like this field I am typing in now: empty. Empty content. Now I am simply typing because I haven't thought of anything better to do.

Tara is in bed and I can't sleep, so here we are. We're in Tucson at the Anusara Advanced Intensive. All of the certified teachers, and soon to be certified teachers, get together once a year to practice together and chit chat. We spent most of the day talking about the relationship between the so-called absolute and the so-called relative realities. Conversations like this make me want to kick people or toss back a handful of Xanax. We might as well talk about what it might be like to play NFL football. Point being, unless you play NFL football there's no reason in talking about what it's like, because you really don't know. There is certainly nothing wrong with this, but it just really doesn't help. (It doesn't help to think about it either.)

Most of spirituality is like this though: people talking about things that they don't know and are completely irrelevant. Wake-up first, and if there still is an absolute and a relative, then figure out what the relationship is.

A glass of water is now the better thing I am going to do.


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