Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Live in the mystery. Abandon yourself completely and let the flowing mass of reality unfold and over take you effortlessly. Give yourself completely.

Most people like ideas like this; at least most of the people I know. Though, when it comes to the application, most sort of, kind of, maybe live next door to the mystery, but not in the mystery itself - for in the mystery is liberation, freedom, and ease. Most consider just an ounce of ease to reflect a life in the mystery - it's much more than this! It's so much more!

Abandon yourself completely. Let it all go. No knowing, no beliefs, no opinions, no preference, no intention (or manifestation boards), no limitation, no agenda, no perspective held too close, no intuition, no clairaudience, no clairsentience, no clairvoyance, no Claire from the Breakfast Club, no subtle knowing, no perspective of shifting space or consciousness to something more liberated (what is not liberated?): let it all go - let it unfold. Have no idea what it is you’re about to do and why it is you are going to do it. This, my friend, is freedom.

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