Sunday, February 3, 2008

Transmission, Saktipat, and Diksha


Does the "transmision of grace" (energy/shakti/whatever) really have anything to do with "awakening"? If not, then what does it have to do with? This just popped in my head and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. More pointedly: transmition from a teacher, as in sitting with a guru.

My meandering thoughts:

Nothing has anything to do with awakening, and simultaneously everything has to do with awakening. All things are awake within consciousness. It's obvious that most things do not perceive the awake and empty nature of all things. Some expressions of the infinite mystery are aware of the awake and liberated nature of reality, some are in a process of recognizing this, and some simply never will. Awake is not more important than delusion. Awake cannot, truly, observe separation, and thus there is no real hierarchy other than what is self-imposed.

It's important to remember, though, that this is just the appearance of things. All things, as they are, are already awake. In the appearance of the process of awakening, many things will happen that appear to be helpful, and the so-called energetic transmission of a teacher is one of these things. The nature of awakening is a direct, continuous, and immediate intuition of what has always already been present as all things. Feelings of bliss, ease, insight, equanimity, giddiness, happiness, clarity, joy, and freedom are all aspects of energetic teacher transmissions. Some people feel certain things when they hang out or work with me. I have no idea how important this really is, and my feeling around this is that there has been too much importance placed on the grace of the guru.

It's a mysterious thing, no doubt. Even though something like this seems to express itself through me, I in all honesty have no idea how it works. It works how it wants to, and that's really all I know about grace. I like it this way and don't plan on learning any more about it. Grace is a mysterious thing, and to me, a true experiencing of grace is a direct intuition into the nature of existence - the fluffy nice feelings are just by products. The mind likes fluffy by-products, and so by-products gets the most attention.

As Kashmir Saivism teaches, and I certainly agree with and experience this, a true saktipat is one of liberation or at least the initiation of a process of liberation. What is being called Diksha now by the Oneness University and what is called Saktipat by traditions like Siddha Yoga, is really just energy transmissions and the awakening of subtle energy - perhaps this leads to liberation and perhaps not, but it's certainly effective for organization building. All of this is great, and perhaps, in the appearance of a path and process, an important step. But returning to the awakening, it's not really important at all.

Awakening happens however it wants to. Enlightenment becomes enlightened through the mysterious means it chooses. The appearance of a teacher giving a transmission may be a part of this and it may not. I know a lot of people that have had transmissions and saktipats that are still completely deluded and unaware, in their appearance and expression. If it's necessary, it will become necessary. The most important thing in the process is honesty and intuition. With honesty, follow the impulse of intuition, and this will guide you into freedom. The universe knows how it is going to become awake through you. Follow this knowing.

Instead of enjoining the bliss and clear expression of a teachers' transmission, use it to inquire more deeply. Most people simply hold on to it, hoping that this time it's really the big it, and waits with fear to see what happens. The energy and sensations are the by-product of something. Find out what that something is.

Someone offered to give me diksha on Friday. Why not, I thought. After having their hands on my forehead for five minutes she said, "There's nothing there. I can't feel a person in you. Your vibration is so high, the diksha just disappears in you."

"Yeah. I know," I said.

This really means nothing about me or reality, but we can choose to make the meaning that transmissions carry the base energy of being and awakens the awareness of this intuition. Most people seem to just enjoy the bliss, but I encourage to use this as another edge of inquiry. Challenge it, play with it, and see what happens.

In the end, nothing helps one wake-up. The expression is one of grace, and the opportunity rests with the appearance of each individual.

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